From 7-10 November the IHRA will hold its second bi-annual Plenary meeting under the Romanian Chairmanship in Iasi.

Over four days almost 200 experts and policymakers from the IHRA’s 31 Member Countries, eleven Observer Countries, and seven international partner organisations will gather to discuss Holocaust education, research and remembrance as a contemporary political issue.

Following a joint recommendation to the IHRA Debrecen Plenary in 2015 on the topic of memorial sites, the IHRA will continue to focus its efforts on protecting and preserving  Holocaust-related sites throughout its Member Countries and beyond. On 2 August 2016 the IHRA Chair and Michael Georg Link, Director of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) called for greater efforts to protect endangered memorial sites related to the Roma and Sinti genocide in a joint statement. In Iasi the IHRA Plenary will discuss Member Country commitments to improve the situation of such sites as well as recent reports about historical discourse on Holocaust-related topics in Europe.

A further focus in Iasi is the launch of a strategic planning process for the IHRA to establish clear aims and objectives for the organization going forward. In addition, emphasis will be placed on the possible contribution of IHRA experts to the field of genocide prevention and R2P. Leading this initiaitve is the IHRA Committee on the Holocaust, Genocide, and Crimes against Humanity which has recently completed a research project on institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations that offer programs on teaching about the Holocaust and genocide. The survey will be presented at the Iasi Plenary and will then be published online on the IHRA website in November 2016.

The IHRA Plenary is being held in Iasi to coincide with the commemoration of 75 years since the Iasi Pogrom.

IHRA is a unique intergovernmental organization which places political and social leaders’ support behind the need for Holocaust education, remembrance and research both nationally and internationally.